What is HP Quality Center?

With software testing gaining prominence and assuming an important role in all software based organizations there is an overwhelming demand for a good test management tool. Wikipedia defines test management tool as

A test management tool is software used to manage tests (automated or manual) that have been previously specified. It is often associated with automation software. Test management tools often include requirement and/or specification management modules that allow automatic generate a requirement test matrix (RTM), which is one of the main metrics to indicate functional coverage of a system under test (SUT).

Test Management tools provide one stop solution for all software testing activities and act as a centralized location for storing manual, automated tests and various HP Quality Center

testing artifacts like SRS, test scenarios, test cases and test defects. These tools can capture information entered by users and produce instant report thereby reducing reporting time as well as cost. Test management tools can be customized to the need of an organization.

Quality Center (QC) is one such Test Management Tool from HP (This HP Quality Centertool was earlier known as Test Director and was originally built by Mercury Interactive. MI was acquired by HP in 2006). Quality Center runs as a web based GUI and supports Apache/IIS/Jboss/WebLogic/WebSphere server and has a native support for MS SQL/Oracle/MSDE databases. It can be installed on Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems.


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