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Test Plan Module in QC: Part 3 (Creating Test Folders and Tests)

This is part 3 of our series of articles on Test plan module in Quality Center. In this part we “ll see how we can create tests folders and tests under Test plan module.

Step 1: Place your mouse cursor on the “Subject” folder in Test Plan.


Step 2: Click on the New Folder buttonNew Folder button, to create the main folder for your AUT.



Step 3: This will open a dialog box “New Folder”.


Step 4: Type the folder name that you wish in the “Text Field” and click “OK” to save the folder name.


In the above screenshot, a generic name as “AUT” has been used. You could use any name depending on the application or system you are testing. (for example: Flight Reservation System, Banking Software, Order Management system, Hospital Management, Library management software etc).

(Note for all the dialog boxes: Clicking on “Cancel” button or “X” (Close) button would close the relevant dialog box and the action will not be performed (in this case, the test folder will not be created. Clicking on “Help” button would open the “HP QC Help Window”)

After clicking on “OK”, a test folder called “AUT” would be created under “Subject” folder as in below screenshot.

New folder under QC

Step 5: Repeat step 2 to 4, to create the sub folders as you wish, to group different types of tests together. (For example, see the following screenshot)


Step 6: Click on the “New Test” button clip_image014 to create test in the selected test folder. By Default “Test Type” selected will be “Manual”. Type appropriate “Test Name” in the edit field and click “OK”.

Create New test

A test with Manual Test Icon Manual Test will be created.



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